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Are you looking for cheap hotels and accommodation facilities in Kecskemét, Hungary? Are you planning a longer family Holiday but you could not find a suitable quality hotel with affordable costs?
Please trust us and try our houses!

(Prices are negotiable, and the central location and comfort level depends)
The best prices are valid for 90 days or a longer period of reservation!

If you like our preliminary offer, do not hesitate to contact me:
Gabor Utassy owner, ​​mobile (Monday-Friday 07:00-22:00): +36 30 927 8740;

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Our accommodation facilities can be found really close (a couple minutes of walk only) to the centre of Kecskemét, in Ceglédi and Jókai út. We are convinced our accommodation offer is really suitable for families, friends, firms (eg. kind of trade mission, local staff members staying in work locally). We higly reccommend our house to rent primarily to simple accommodation seekers who do require moderate prices, together with a clean and tastefully designed, trimmed and structured, quiet environment.

ACCOMMODATION Even For 30 Guests

We will be able to provide accommodation even for 30 guest in our private houses at the same time. The accommodation facility - we call it as Apartmans Kodály Kecskemét - contsists of high quality, clean, mostly hardwood floors rooms. In our accommodation, in two levels, nearly 30 people can be accommodated using 2-3-4 and shared rooms.
In the apartments two places have been assigned to personal hygiene, the toilet blocks have been designed by level as well. TV sets have been placed within common areas.


Our accommodation facilities can even be rented for a long period of time. Nowadays, it is not so simple to find e.g. student hostels for our students in Kecskemét. With our accommodation offer we could solve this problem as well. Besides this fact, our accommodation facilities can be suitable for you collegaues or workmates, who are looking for a quality accommodation even for a long period of time.



Please consider the fact that it is NOT allowed to smoke in any rooms of our accommodation facilities.
Thank you for your understanding!


Our guest are important to us! So, if you require a longer renting period, we'll give you a relevant dicount of our list prices.
Please feel free to contact us concerning this opportunity as well.


Our accommodation facilites - having their own, internal parking place - provide free parking opportunities for all of our guests.

Price List

The house will be available for a minimum of one week.
However, if you are a group of friends (or tourists), after negotiation, we could ensure it for a shorter period of time as well.

Prices are negotiable, and the central location and comfort level depends.

The best prices are valid for 90 days or more extended reservations!

If you like our introductory offer, do not hesitate to contact me:
Gabor Utassy, mobile (Monday-Friday, 07:00-22:00): +36 30 927 8740;

Thank You for visiting us!

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If you want to know more about our offer or want to examine the house, please feel free to contact us at any time!

Call us at:
+36 30 927 8740